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Shooting Glasses with our Patented Bicfoal- NOTHING beats a CLEAR Shot!

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About Us

My Passion

I love to shoot, handguns, rifles or shotguns, really doesn't matter much, I just love to shoot!  My family and I shoot for fun as well as in competitions, mostly locally.  As I got older my front sight seemed to disappear.  So I had no other choice but to find a solution so I could keep enjoying my passion!

The Company

After several years of searching and searching for an acceptable solution, I came across Hansen's Eagle Eye Shooting Glasses.  This was the perfect solution and I became a raving fan!

Then I discovered that the inventor, Richard Hansen, had decided to retire.  After some discussion with Richard and my wife, we purchased the company and patents.  Richard had come up with a simple and perfect solution to a very common problem.

Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military all have needs for this and we are here to meet and exceed them!

Our Goals

We have set some large goals and with Richard's total support, we are vigorously marketing the products, doing Gunshows, as much as we can around the country.  We are also meeting and developing relationships with vendors and retailers across the country so this awesome solution will more available to all the shooters in need!

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