Pistol Shooting Bifocal

Additional Information

The Pistol Model is for the pistol, rifle or bow shooter with a squared up stance.  It works with iron sights, scopes or red dots.  Whether you're near-sighted, far-sighted or just need a reading correction this design can provide the near vision correction you require to see the front sight clearly, while not impeding your distance viewing.  This works great for all casual, competitive and tactical shooters

 The bifocal is located at the top of the nose bridge arching across just above the pupil of the aiming eye. This allows for easy use in the normal shooting posture while not impeding your distance viewing.

Improved sighting will lead to better marksmanship, tighter groups, and improved success.

We can now offer a reading bifocal in the bottom of the non dominate eye lens.  This allows you to read by lifting your head slightly just like your normal glasses.  There is a small extra charge for this.

Before You Order

Eagle Eye Shooting can process and fill prescriptions for lenses for shooting glasses, however Eagle Eye Shooting does not write prescriptions for lenses. We will only fill an order if accompanied by a valid prescription that is less than a year old.

Make sure you fill out the near and far pupillary distance (PD). Please consult your doctor. Prescription lenses are for single-vision plus a special bifocal provided in the lens used for sighting with your scope or iron sights. Be sure to have your eyes tested at front sight distance away for correction needed with iron sights.  Normal reading distance correction is used for scoped weapons.


We offer these great glasses in two options.  Our Aviator frame and Marchon's Autoflex rounded rectangle shape in Gunmetal color.

If you have your own or a rx carrier for safety or sunglasses we can put our patented shooters bifocal in most any of these as well.

Lense options

Our lined bifocal lenses come in CR 39 material.  

Our no line bifocal comes in Trivex.

Every lens comes with a full 400 UV protection, and a Scratch Resistant Coating.

For an extra fee you can get them with an Anti Reflective Coating.


Tinting Options:



Medium Grey

Custom color tints are also available (You will need to provide us with a sample)

Mirror Coating in Silver, Blue or Gold